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View Recipes By Dish Type

Anytime Recipe has recipes conveniently listed by dish type, for those who know exactly what they want. Start with true and tried recipes from our breads, salads, cakes, vegan recipes, smoothies, and soups and chili sections. Create a free recipe account and start sharing your favorite recipes with us or search other recipes and share on your favorite social media channel.

Anytime Recipe Dish Types 

Learn to make all types of homemade breads, at Anytime Recipe. We have recipes for all bread types using regular flour, whole wheat, and even gluten free. We have quick bread recipes for breakfast and snacks, or try the bread recipes for banana bread, cranberry bread, pumpkin, fruit, and cornbread.

Our more complicated bread recipes will teach you new techniques and tricks to spice up your cooking. Learn to make healthy whole grain breads, raise dough correctly with yeast and knead it. Try recipes for whole wheat, pumpernickel, rye, black bread, and multi-grain breads.

Try specialty bread recipes such as challah bread. egg bread, and sourdough. Learn how to braid challah bread and make a sour dough starter. We offer recipes for most any bread type you can think of, and if you do not find it you can submit your own recipe. For your holiday recipes you can find recipes for holiday breads, flat breads, and rolls. Learn how our members are using their bread machine to make bread in batches.

Try a Salad Recipe

There are many different types of salad recipes offered on Anytime Recipe. We offer vegetable salad, Greek salads, pasta, potato, Cole slaw, green salads, grain salads, whole meal salads that use fish, meat, beef, pork, and chicken. Learn how to make a taco salad with beans, chicken, beef, and cheese. We have all types of salad recipes to choose from.

Try the specialty salad recipes for spinach salad, Caesar, spicy pasta salad, German potato salad, rice salad, Waldorf salad, curry salad, crab, lobster, and fruit salad. Learn how to properly wash and cut vegetable, arrange salads, and make delicious salad dressings.

Put Another Candle On My Birthday Cake

Learn how to make homemade birthday cake at home using members delicious cake recipes. Throw out the boxed mixes and treat your family and friends to freshly baked cakes. Try the angel cake recipes, Bundt cakes, cake rolls, coffee cake, holiday cakes, pound cake, and sponge cake. Try our recipe for flavored cakes apple, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate, coconut, peach, pineapple, and pumpkin.

Learn to make a tasty fruit cake, torte, and upside-down cake to impress your family and friends. We want you to share your cake recipes and try ours.

Vegan, Smoothies, Soup and Chili

Vegan cooks will find plenty of wonderful vegan recipes to delight your taste buds while keeping to your vegan diet. Or try some amazing soups and stews, main dishes like quiche, pasta, pot pies, lasagna, curry, and beans and rice. Try our member recipes for side dishes, pizza recipes, holiday recipes, and desserts.

Do not forget the drinks, smoothie recipes are a popular way to drink a meal on the go for breakfast or lunch. They pack plenty of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. We offer recipes for fruit smoothie recipes, vegetable smoothies, and green smoothies recipes. Learn how to make a smoothie in your blender or food processor at home.

Our members soup recipes have cold soups, broth and stock, vegetable soups, chicken, bisque, chowders, and healthy soups. If your taste is for something a little more on the spicy side, our members have a variety of tasty chili recipes made with pork, beef, turkey, beans, and chicken.

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