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Top 10 Free Restaurant Advertising Ideas

Top 10 Free Restaurant Advertising Ideas

When Is Free Not Really Free?

When you search for “Free Restaurant Advertising” on Google, your search results will consist of DYI (do it yourself) ideas. Most of the ideas require some level of marketing experience, and many of the ideas amount to nothing more than click bait. What are you supposed to do with free advertising “ideas” and click bait, when what you really need is the actual free restaurant advertising?

DIY Ideas -vs- Real Advertising

Are the free restaurant advertising ideas offered on Google so unique and amazing that they can drastically change your current situation? Will the ideas take little to no advertising knowledge? Will you be able to quickly see the results of any of these so-called free advertising ideas? The short answer is no, no, and no!

The fact is most of the DIY ideas found when you Google “free restaurant advertising” are either worthless ideas (ex. flyer templates), are too complicated to successfully implement or will not have any measure of success in the short-term (ex. create email lists for email marketing). The truth is, Anytime Recipe is the only place on the internet where you will find real free restaurant advertising.

Top 10 Free Restaurant Advertising Ideas

We created a top 10 list to prove that most of the websites on Google boasting about free restaurant advertising, are totally bogus click bait. Nine of these so-called free advertising options listed below are the worst click bait offenders. Option #10 is the only actual free advertising we found on Google.

  1. Social Media: Social media is a long-term and low return medium. While it may “seem” like a great idea for free advertising, it takes a daily effort of posting to multiple platforms and rarely offers any ROI. The reality is that social media may be a great place post content, but your content has a very-short shelf life. No one wants to see yesterday’s posts, any more than anyone wants to read yesterday’s news.
  2. Chamber of Commerce: First and foremost, this is NOT a free advertising option. We can say with 99.9% certainty that city and state Chamber of Commerce organizations are NOT free advertising options. The same can be said about the Restaurant Associations at the state level and national level, again NOT free advertising.
  3. Email Advertising: Email marketing lists take years to develop and cultivate. You cannot (under any circumstances) purchase an email marketing list and can only send to emails who have “opted-into” your email marketing list. Hence the words free restaurant advertising and email marketing should never be used in the same sentence.
  4. Fundraising: Sounds like a good idea, but how is this going to help your restaurant survive? Answer, unless you have a Go Fund Me page with very, very generous contributors who are willing to give continuously, this idea is worthless.
  5. Reach Out To Food Bloggers: Does anyone seriously think that a blogger is going to offer you free advertising, or even free blog posts? Blogging (or creative writing) is a very long-term effort also known as content creation and curation. Certainly, worthwhile in the long-term, but will do nothing in the short term and is NOT free.
  6. Local & Google Places: Every restaurant in the US should already be engaged in local marketing and have a Google Local Places account. That said, if you are engaged in these options then you already know they alone will not change your situation.
  7. Starting Your Own Blog: Blogs are great if you are a writer and have 6 months to a year to wait until your blog content has been cultivated, shared, and indexed by Google. This is not a free restaurant advertising idea; it is simply click bait used to drive traffic.
  8. Foodie Photos: Sounds good but it can take months for your foodie photos to ever reach the right customers, who might visit your restaurant. In short, this is something most restaurants are already engaged in and does not really work as free advertising.
  9. Yelp: Well, if you own or manage a restaurant then you already know that Yelp is a double-edged sword. Besides the fact that your restaurant is most likely already listed on Yelp, and yet you are still looking for free advertising. Yelp is not the answer.
  10. Anytime Recipe Free Restaurant Advertising: This is the ONLY truly free advertising option we could find on Google. You do not have to try and implement complex advertising strategies, then wait months to know if they worked. This alone is the answer you have been searching for, we highly suggest you learn more by going to:

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