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Starbucks Gift Card Eligibility Rules

Please Read Eligibility Rules Carefully

  1. You must create a free account to submit your recipe. Your email address will used to deliver your Starbucks gift card, so be sure that the email you use to register is correct and that you have access to it. We cannot send your gift card to multiple emails; it is your responsibility to ensure your email address is accurate and that you have access to it.
  2. Submit your own recipe, do not copy recipes from any other source (digital or printed). Your recipe must include all of the details below, to be eligible for a Starbucks gift card.
    • Recipe description is required. *
    • High quality photo is required. *
    • All cooking times (prep, cook, total) and servings are required. *
    • Listing of all ingredients is required. *
    • Ingredient directions are required. *
    • Each ingredient step must be entered. *
  3. You must submit real recipes, keep in mind that we are chefs and professional cooks. We can look at a recipe and know immediately whether it is a real recipe or “made-up”.
  4. At this time Anytime Recipe can only accept recipe submissions from within the United States.
  5. Only one Anytime Recipe submission account (per person) can be created. We will not accept multiple accounts (from the same person) for gift card eligibility.
  6. Questions or comments about this promotion please send to: Be sure to include your email address if you would like a response.
  7. This offer is only valid for new recipe submission accounts. All promotions on Anytime Recipe may end without notice. After receiving your gift card, your recipes may not be deleted.
  8. We have very sophisticated plagiarism software that will detect a previously submitted recipes anywhere on the internet. If you have submitted a recipe that has already been submitted on another site your account will be closed, and recipes will be ineligible.
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