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Old Fashioned Pancakes Recipe

  • Prep Time: 10 Min
  • Cook Time: 20 Min
  • Servings: 8
  • Recipe Views: 204 Views

On the weekends you may have memories of enjoying a big stack of old-fashioned pancakes. You probably topped them with a big pad of butter and loads of sweet maple syrup. This recipe for old fashioned pancakes will wake everyone in your home up, bringing them around the table for a family breakfast on the weekend. You’ll be asked to make them again and again.



Warm up a large, non-stick pan on medium heat. Place a few pads of butter on the pan as it warms.

Step 1

Flour: Measure out the flour into a large mixing bowl or batter bowl.

Step 2

Baking powder: Add the baking powder to the flour.

Step 3

Salt: Add the salt mixture into the dry ingredients.

Step 4

Sugar: Add the sugar into the dry pancake mixture.

Step 5

Egg: Crack one egg into the bowl. You can add a second egg if you would like the pancakes to be a little denser and fluffier.

Step 6

Cinnamon: Add the cinnamon to the batter mixture and stir it into the mixture. You can omit this ingredient if you have an allergy to cinnamon or you would prefer the pancakes without it.

Step 7

Milk: Mix the whole milk into the batter, a little bit at a time. Don’t over mix the batter, simply try to let most of the large lumps out.

Step 8

Once the pan is warm and the butter is coating the pan, pour about ½ cup of batter onto the pan. Leave room in between the pancakes so they don’t touch. Flip when you see the edges of the pancakes start to firm up a bit. You may also notice that a few bubbles are starting to appear in the centers of the pancakes as they cook.

Serving Suggestions

Serve the pancakes warm off the pan. If you’re making a very large quantity of them, you can place them on a cookie sheet and keep them warm in the oven on very low heat. Serve with softened butter and maple or blueberry syrup.

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