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German Raspberry Mascarpone Dessert

  • Prep Time: 20 Min
  • Cook Time: 0 Min
  • Servings: 6
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A lot of German desserts are very heavy and sweet, but this is a very light and delightful dessert that goes with any meal. It’s simple enough that you can whip it up for a weeknight treat, but it’s complex enough that it works for a dinner party or holiday celebration. You can even make it during the summer, using fresh raspberries right from your garden or from a local farmer’s market.

If you want to make this dessert very authentic to German cuisine, you can add a layer of quark to the dessert. Quark is a curdled dairy product that’s made from soured milk. It gives this dish a little bit of a bite. The quark would be layered after the mascarpone layer when assembling.



The ingredients will be prepared separately. Once ready, assemble six different layered desserts in small, clear dessert cups. The layers should follow, mascarpone mixture, raspberries, mascarpone mixture. The dessert is topped with the whipped cream and chocolate.

Step 1

Yogurt: Combine the plain yogurt with the mascarpone and sugar to create a rich filling that will be the main layers of the dessert.

Step 2

Mascarpone: The mascarpone will be mixed with the yogurt and sugar to create the main layer for the dessert. You want the mixture to be well combined, but don’t mix everything too much. This would result in a thin and runny mixture.

Step 3

Raspberries: Wash and dry the raspberries gently so they preserve their shape and quality. The raspberries will be layered with the other ingredients.

Step 4

Sugar: Add the sugar with the mascarpone and the yogurt, gently mixing everything together. Let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes before assembling so the flavors combine properly.

Step 5

Chocolate: The chocolate shavings or chocolate chips will be sprinkled on top of the dessert once it is assembled. If you don’t have chocolate shavings or chips, you could drizzle a little chocolate syrup on top. White chocolate shavings could also be substituted.

Serving Suggestions

Top the dessert with the whipped cream and chocolate right before serving for optimal presentation and taste.

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