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Planning The Perfect Meal Type

Planning The Perfect Meal Type

Meal planning involves selecting the best recipe meal type, shopping for ingredients, and preparing your meals. At Anytime Recipe we have amazing member recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, appetizers, and snacks, and even drinks with or without alcohol. An easy method to plan your weekly menu is by selecting member recipes for the week on our site.

Choose the recipes that you want to make carefully. Start with breakfast and decide what you want to eat each day. When you prepare meals for family members, let them participate in choosing recipes. Choose simple breakfast recipes for weekdays such as cereal, eggs and toast, or yogurt and fruit and save more complex recipes for the weekend. Plan meals by meal type to stay creative and keep your family and friends entertained with your meal choices.

On weekends, try some new recipes for brunch or breakfast that require more time to prepare. We have delicious recipes by members for pancakes, waffles, Eggs Benedict, French Toast, home fries, bacon, sausage, and breads. Weekends will give you more time to try new recipes and prepare them.

Tips on Choosing Recipes By Meal Type

Choose recipes that you know how to make and one or two new ones each week. Pick recipes based on common ingredients that you have stocked in the house. Choose recipes that you really want to eat. After you have planned meals for three to five days with breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, appetizers and snacks, and desserts recipes write a grocery list.

There are many tasty member recipes for lunch and dinner to choose from at Anytime Recipe. When you have a busy schedule choose simple and easy to prepare recipes. Soup, salads, sandwiches, wraps, pizza, and pasta are traditional recipes for lunch and easy to make. Dinner the last meal of the day can be light some days and filling on others.

Appetizers and snack recipes, desserts, and drinks can be a weekday or weekend meal. Choose a few healthy appetizers and snack recipes, a dessert recipe, and beverage for busy weekdays and weekends. An example is antipasto, chicken wings, vegetables and dip, no bake strawberry cheesecake, berry fool, lemonade, or punch. This adds up to a tasty meal.

Write Your Grocery List

Write all the ingredient that you will need to make the recipes you have chosen. List meats, seafood, vegetables, grain, fruits, beans, pasta, oils, poultry, condiments, spices, and items for the pantry. Look through your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer to see what you already have. Cross off the items that you don’t need.

You can list ingredients by departments in the supermarket and add some items that you want to stock up on. This list becomes easier to manage to make recipes by meal type. After shopping and putting the groceries away, we suggest that you spend some time prepping meals ahead on the weekend or a weekday that you have free time.

More on Meal Prepping

Purchase plenty of storage containers to store chopped vegetable, fruits, cooked pasta rice, soups, meat, poultry, and ingredients. Plastic freezer bags are another way to store food. Wash and cut vegetables ahead to be used in salads, soups, sandwiches, stews, and main entrees. Try roasting potatoes and cooking rice, chicken, and meatballs ahead for meals.

Cook a large batch of chicken, soup, a pork roast with sauce to use throughout the week. Try some batch cooking using a sheet pan or crock pot meals. Precook meals that are easy and simple to freeze and reheat. These are way on planning the perfect meal by type at Anytime Recipe.

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