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Pasta and Grain Recipes

Classic Hash Browns

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If you’re a fan of classic hash browns that have a bit of a crunch on the outside with a soft inside, this is the recipe to use for your next breakfast or brunch. Once you’ve made a big batch of them, they reheat really well. Feel free to increase the ingredients to make more […]

Restaurant-Style Potato Skins

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A favorite appetizer at restaurants, potato skins have all that gooey cheese and crisp bacon. You top them with a scoop of sour cream, and potato skins are a meal all by themselves. You can easily create this recipe yourself at home with a few simple ingredients. Even if you’re spending an evening at home, […]

Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

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The U.S. version of Shepherd’s Pie is typically made with ground beef. However, you can substitute the ground beef in this recipe for ground lamb, which is the typical main ingredient in England. If you want to make this meal during the week, it’s easy to do so if you have a little bit of […]

Italian Breakfast Hash

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Using potatoes as the base for any breakfast or brunch item ensures that you’re going to have a hearty meal that will fill you up for the first part of the day. This Italian breakfast hash is easy to make, it can be preheated over the next few days and it’s fancy enough that you […]