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Is Salmon The Perfect Ingredient?

Is Salmon The Perfect Ingredient?

Salmon makes the perfect ingredient for summer recipes. It works well for both cold and hot dishes and has some amazing health benefits.

Some of those benefits include being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for the heart, and a wonderful source of protein. Salmon has a lot of B-Vitamins and is a good ingredient to get potassium.

The wonderful thing about salmon is its versatility. Several cultures, from Greek, Asian, Canadian, to Australian use salmon, so that gives you a wide variety of choices in finding recipes for salmon. While both farm-raised and wild-caught are available, most people prefer wild-caught salmon for its flavor and for health standards. There is also the canned salmon, which many people use for things like salmon patties or cakes.

While the canned salmon is not going to be as high a quality as fresh salmon, the advantage is it is cheaper. The bones are fairly easy to pull out and it works really well in any recipe where meat is ground.

Many people bake it with different sauces, but there is so much more you can use salmon for than a baked or broiled filet. From a high-end appetizer to Southern comfort food, salmon can be dressed up or down.

Gluten-free Salmon? Yep!

You can create a gluten-free lox breakfast without the bagel using avocados, eggs, and salmon. In this recipe you cook smoked salmon and an egg in avocado halves.

Salmon meatballs makes a great appetizer when you make Baked Salmon Meatballs with Creamy Avocado Sauce. You simply grind up the salmon in a food processor for your meat base. The recipe is found at Cookin Canuck.

Nachos will never be the same with salmon and black beans on top. You add cheese with chili powder, black beans, and spiced salmon to create this seafood version of a loaded nacho plate.

Salmon patties are a standard in the South. They are made a variety of ways, but most recipes include onion, celery or green bell pepper, eggs, breadcrumbs, and maybe cornmeal to roll the patty into fry. While some recipes do not have bread crumbs or cornmeal, and it could work without breading as long as you have eggs, breading makes it easier to bind the salmon together in the patty and give it a crust in the frying pan.

Seasonings could be either Maryland style flavors like dill and thyme or you could try Cajun salmon instead by substituting cayenne, salt, and paprika. You can really test out a variety of ingredients to see what works well with your taste buds.

Salmon Rillettes make the perfect elegant cold appetizer for luncheons or dinners. It consists of salmon, extra virgin olive oil, yogurt, lemon juice, and chives. The mix is placed on a cucumber or cracker and served.

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