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The Real Free Restaurant Advertising Option

Looking for free restaurant advertising? If so, you are not alone. A quick search on Google for free restaurant advertising will give you over a billion search results. Sadly, 99.9% of those search results on Google do not actually provide any free restaurant advertising at all, but rather suggestions for DIY marketing and advertising.

Since you are reading this article one can presume that you are looking for free restaurant advertising, and that alone is what you want. After all, your expertise is in the restaurant business and not the advertising business so offering you DIY ideas is not really a solution but a problem. We think that offering restaurants DIY ideas on how to advertise, is like restaurants offering their customers DIY ideas on how to cook a professionally prepared meal. In the end, we will all be disappointed with the results.

Is Free Restaurant Advertising Real?

If the information above is true, then you must ask yourself who owns all these (supposedly) free restaurant adverting websites that are really nothing more than DIY ideas, and what’s in it for them?

The short answer is that most of these websites are marketing and advertising agencies, and they do it for link-bait (free) clicks. You see, marketing and advertising agencies need an endless flow of new customers, so they are always on the lookout for cheap or even free advertising and promotions. Their hope is NOT that your restaurant will have success with their DIY advertising ideas, but that you will fail at them. If you fail then you are far more likely to need their help, and that means you are far more likely to buy adverting from them (hence, the bait-and-switch).

The reality is that 99.9% of all free restaurant adverting on Google is nothing more than click-bait tactics. You click, you try, you fail. In the end you pay for their services, so their bait-and-switch tactics are successful.

The Real Free Restaurant Advertising Option
How Do You Avoid Bait-And-Switch Tactics?

How Do You Avoid Click-Bait Tactics?

It is a well-known fact that small to medium sized restaurants spend on average 7%-10% of their sales (revenue) on marketing and advertising. The sad truth is that 7%-10% of your current restaurant revenue (due to COVID-19) is just a fraction of what it once was.

With the current state of the restaurant industry, restaurants are ever-more vulnerable and susceptible to these bait-and-switch advertising tactics. So how do you avoid them? You start by taking control of your own marketing, this includes social media and local marketing on Yelp and Google Places.

Next you find new advertising opportunities that are real, such as the free restaurant advertising offered by Anytime Recipe. Here you will get free banner ads, promotions and social media shares that will cost you nothing. Learn more about how your restaurant can get truly-free adverting that is not just DYI ideas, but the actual free adverting! LEARN MORE NOW >

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