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Will Your Restaurant Survive 2021?

Everyone has free restaurant advertising ideas, but what you need is the actual free advertising. We offer free advertising and it starts right here, right now!

Be smarter with your advertising resources. Take advantage of the Anytime Recipe FREE restaurant advertising program today, before its too late!

2020 An Especially Painful Year

Free Restaurant Advertising Options

2020 has been an especially brutal year for restaurants, and the pain will continue into 2021. Even with states allowing restaurants to reopen, most cannot fill even the reduced capacity mandated by social distancing. Profits for 2020 have been devastated, with most restaurants hoping to just survive until life starts to return to normal.

As a smart restaurant owner or manager, it makes sense that one of the first expenditures you should look at cutting is advertising. After all, risky high cost expenditures are a thing of the past so big-ticket items such as advertising should be first on the chopping block, right? Not necessarily.

What if you had free restaurant advertising? Local advertising is a life or death issue for restaurants, and what can be smarter than getting free advertising? Anytime Recipe has a unique way to help you advertise your restaurant smarter without spending a dime, now that’s being smart without the risk!

Advertise to Local Customers

Getting local guests into your restaurant will take more effort, you need to get creative in promoting your restaurant in order to save money without diminishing your results. Out free restaurant advertising program can be as granular as advertising to a single zip code, or as wide as a 50 mile radius around your restaurant.

Getting your restaurant in front of the largest local audience in your market is your number one goal, we have options to help you accomplish this while saving money.

Its an old cliche, but this really is a win/win situation. Here’s the deal, our website is new but lacking in quality recipes, while your restaurant is lacking in advertising dollars. Let our free restaurant advertising help your restaurant increase your guests and revenue.

Increasing Your Restaurant Guests
"Restaurants and bars continue to see the greatest number of permanent closures during the pandemic, with 61% of those currently shuttered slated to never reopen, according to a new report from Yelp".
Sep. 17, 2020

Free Restaurant Advertising Includes

  1. Free banner ads on, linked to your website or social media accounts.
  2. Free restaurant recipe submission account with company name, logo, phone, address, website and social media links.
  3. Free posting to our Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Google Local Places social media accounts.
  4. Free account profile and recipe page. Click the image to view full sized page.
Free Restaurant Advertising
Free Account Includes Profile & Recipe Page

In Lieu Of Payment

  1. To keep your advertising free, we ask that you submit 2 recipes per week. The recipe submission process is free, and takes less than15 minutes.
  2. That means your restaurant will receive free advertising and promotions 24/7, and the cost to you is less than 2 hours per month.

Get Free Restaurant Advertising Now

To get started with your free restaurant advertising, please complete the signup form below to validate your business. Once validated, we will send you instructions and a link to register for a free advertising account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free restaurant advertising is banner ads, restaurant listings and links, restaurant profiles with address, phone number and email, social media shares, likes and boosting. There is no cost for this program, we only ask that you add some recipes to our site in return for the free advertising.

No, there are no hidden costs. Free restaurant advertising, is 100% free.

As with any agreement both parties must continue to honor the agreement for it to be successful for both parties. If you get too busy to submit recipes, we can put your account on pause until you have more time. If you stop submitting recipes, your ads will be turned off.

The minimal commitment is 2 recipes per week.

The agreement term has no end date, however you may request a specific end date.

There are plenty of other food based entities that can take advantage of this opportunity.

These include:

  • Cookbook Authors
  • Food Trucks
  • Catering Companies
  • Nutritionists
  • Deli’s
  • Bakeries

No one can guarantee your success, however the odds of your success increase greatly when you increase your advertising efforts.

Not unless the recipes are owned by your restaurant. Submitting recipes copied from another website is plagiarism, such recipes will be removed and your account will be closed.

Contests are for our individual members and not intended for commercial use.

You have the option in your account profile to edit or delete your recipes.

No website is needed. We can link your advertising to a social media account, or link to your phone number with a “click to call” link.

If you are the author of the cookbook then yes, you may submit the recipes. Otherwise you may not submit any recipes from cookbooks or any other source which you do not own (printed or digital).

Absolutely, ads can be displayed in the exact zip codes, cities or regions of your choice. This ensures that only people in your area will see your ads.

"My main advice to “any” entrepreneur, not just those in the restaurant industry, is: “You’ve got to pivot, man.” I'm looking at business strategies that I might have not been so excited about say a year ago”.
Cake Boss Star
Buddy Valastro

We'll Even Customize Your Ads For FREE!

Our designers will add your restaurants name, logo, phone number, website and an image of your cuisine. Display banner size is 250×250 pixels. Choose from one of our sample banners displayed below, or use your own banner. (NOTE: banners below are thumbnails only, actual banners are larger)

When Is Free Not Really Free?

When you search for “Free Restaurant Advertising” on Google, your search results will consist of DYI (do it yourself) ideas. Most of the ideas require some level of marketing experience, and many of the ideas amount to nothing more than click bait. What are you supposed to do with free advertising “ideas”, when what you really need is the actual free restaurant advertising?

DIY Ideas -vs- Real Advertising

Are the free restaurant advertising ideas offered on Google so unique and amazing that they can drastically change your current situation? Will the ideas take little to no advertising knowledge? Will you be able to quickly see the results of any of these so called free advertising ideas? The short answer is no, no, and no! in fact most of the DIY ideas found when you Google “free restaurant advertising” are either worthless ideas (ex. flyer templates), are too complicated to successfully implement or will not have any measure of success in the short-term (ex. create email lists for email marketing). The truth is, Anytime Recipe is the only place on the internet where you will find real free restaurant advertising.

Top 10 Free Restaurant Advertising Ideas

We created a top 10 list to prove that most of the websites on Google boasting about free restaurant advertising, are totally bogus click bait. Nine of these so-called free advertising options listed below are the worst click bait offenders. Option #10 is the only actual free advertising we found on Google.

  1. Social Media: Social media is a long-term and low return medium. While it may “seem” like a great idea for free advertising, it takes a daily effort of posting to multiple platforms and rarely offers any ROI. The reality is that social media may be a great place post content, but your content has a very-short shelf life. No one wants to see yesterdays posts, anymore than anyone wants to read yesterday’s news.
  2. Chamber of Commerce: First and foremost, this is NOT a free advertising option. We can say with 99.9% certainty that city and state Chamber of Commerce organizations are NOT free advertising options. The same can be said about the Restaurant Associations at the state level and national level, again NOT free advertising.
  3. Email Advertising: Email marketing lists take years to develop and cultivate. You cannot (under any circumstances) purchase an email marketing list and can only send to emails who have “opted-into” your email marketing list. Hence the words free restaurant advertising and email marketing should never used in the same sentence.
  4. Fundraising Efforts: Sounds like a good idea, but how is this going to help your restaurant survive? Answer, unless you have a Go Fund Me page with very, very generous contributors who are willing to give continuously, this idea is worthless.
  5. Reach Out To Food Bloggers: Does anyone seriously think that a blogger is going to offer you free advertising, or even free blog posts? Blogging (or creative writing) is a very long-term effort also known as content creation and curation. Certainly, worthwhile in the long-term, but will do nothing in the short term and is NOT free.
  6. Local & Google Places: Every restaurant in the US should already be engaged in local marketing and have a Google Local Places account. That said, if you are engaged in these options then you already know they alone will not change your situation.
  7. Starting Your Own Blog: Blogs are great if you are a writer and have 6 months to a year to wait until your blog content has been cultivated, shared, and indexed by Google. This is not a free restaurant advertising idea; it is simply click bait used to drive traffic.
  8. Foodie Photos: Sounds good but it can take months for your foodie photos to ever reach the right customers, who might visit your restaurant. In short, this is something most restaurants are already engaged in and does not really count as free advertising.
  9. Yelp: Well, if you own or manage a restaurant then you already know that Yelp is a double-edged sword. Besides the fact that your restaurant is most likely already listed on Yelp, and yet you are still looking for free advertising. Yelp is not the answer.
  10. Anytime Recipe Free Restaurant Advertising: This is the ONLY truly free advertising option we could find on Google. You do not have to try and implement complex advertising strategies, then wait months to know if they worked. This alone is the answer you have been searching for, we highly suggest you learn more by going to: