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Italian Recipes To Wow Your Family

Discover True Italian Recipes To Wow Your Family

When you think of Italian cuisine, your mind automatically goes to staple dishes like spaghetti and pizza. In fact, these dishes are far from the typical recipes that Italians make at home for their families. To serve up a truly Italian meal in your own home, you need to learn about the numerous regions of Italy and the dishes that are mainstays in each one.

Popular Italian Dishes by Region 

Italy is comprised of 20 different regions, each region has its own traditional fare, many times made with ingredients that are grown or produced there.

The dishes that are popular in each Italian region highlight the availability of ingredients, as well as influences from other cultures and countries. In Acosta Valley, for example, the recipes there are heavily influenced by Germanic countries to the region’s north.

Italian cuisine made with sausages and meat are popularly served there. Another popular dish in Acosta Valley is Fonduta, or a cheese fondue that is made with Fontina cheese, which is produced in this region of Italy.

Emilia-Romagna is famous of its pasta dishes with Bolognese sauces, or sauces made with meat. The sauce gets its name from the capital of the region, Bologna.

Fruili-Venezia Guilia is the one region in Italy where you can order Hungarian goulash at restaurants. The fare here is heavily influenced by Hungarian culture. Common recipes in Fruili-Venezia Guilia use ingredients like pork and vegetables.

This region is also famous for its Gubana, which is a sweet roll served as dessert or a snack. It is light dough that is filled and baked with raisins, nuts and pine nuts.

Liguria, unlike other regions of Italy, cannot rely so much on the region’s farming and agriculture for ingredients to use in its traditional Italian dishes. Because of the terrain, there is not much farmland in the region. Instead, cuisine in Liguria focus more on fish that is caught off its coastlands, as well as fresh herbs.

A dish that is popular in Liguria is Pesto alia Genovese. This dish is pasta that is mixed with fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, pinions and Parmesan cheese.

Sicily is perhaps the most well-known regions of Italy. Its fare is influenced greatly by Arab and Greek cultures. The region is famous for its gelatos and ice drinks.

One of the staple dishes in Sicily is arancini, or breaded rice balls that are filled with meat, cheese, peas and saffron. It is also famous for Cannoli Siciliana, or sweet cylinders that are filled with ricotta cheese.

Each region of Italy has its own traditional Italian fare. You can take inspiration for making an authentic Italian meal at home for your family by trying out recipes that are commonly found in each one.

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