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Dinner With Anytime Recipe

Dinner With Anytime Recipe

Dinner is the main meal of the day. In the early days, it was served mid-day. In medieval times monks ate nine hours after day break. The wealthy used dinner to show off their dishware, servants, and fancy entrees. In 1945, dinner became a meal eaten between mid-day and evening. Today most people opt for a meal later in the evening.

We want you to join us at Anytime Recipe for dinner. Please share your recipes with us. Whether you want a light or heavy meal, we will have chicken, lamb, beef, pork, fish, pasta, vegetarian, and light and easy meals. In addition, we will have tasty side dish recipes. Recipe include vegetables, potatoes, salad, rice, grains, and appetizers.

Lamb, Chicken, Beef, and Pork Recipes

We have dinner recipes from many different cultures. Our Kebab Authentic Donor At Home recipe is a lamb kebob recipe that can be served on a pita with tomato, onion, cucumber, onions and cucumber with a tasty tzataki or tahini sauce. It can be served with a side of rice for a light dinner. We have recipes for lamb stew, grilled lamb chops, lamb stuffed peppers, and herb roasted leg of lamb.

Chicken is a favorite in most household. We have a variety recipes that can be baked, roasted, or broiled in the oven or on the grill. Try Roasted Citrus Chicken, Chicken Cacciatore, Turkish Chicken with Vegetables, Spicy Chicken Wings, and Barbecued Chicken. Our beef recipes are delicious and varied. We have Seasoned Flat Iron Steak, Pepper Crusted Filet Mignon, London Broil and Beef Stew.

You will learn to broil a steak, marinate meats, bake chicken wings, cook flank steak on the stove or grill, and season meats and chicken. We have Pork Chops with Onion and Red Peppers, Grilled Cider Pork Chops, and Herb Flavored Pork Roast. Stop by Anytime Recipe for delicious lamb, pork, beef and chicken recipe ideas.

Fish, Pasta, and Vegetarian Recipes

Fish is healthy and easy to grill, broil, sauté, or cook on the stove. We have tasty dinner recipes for tuna, flounder, haddock, white fish, salmon, red snapper, swordfish, and trout. Try one of our fish chowder recipes with creme or tomato-based sauces. Our recipes include shrimp, scallops, crab, and lobster dishes. Pasta dishes make an inexpensive tasty meal for families, couples, and singles. We have lasagna recipes, macaroni and cheese, pesto pasta, baked past dishes, and pasta recipes with meat, chicken and fish.

More consumers eat vegetarian meals every week. Anytime Recipe has some delicious full meal recipes that will fill you up. We have vegetarian recipes from different countries. We have pizza, stews, pasta, rice, vegetable, potato, curry, stir fry, and rice and beans recipes. Join us at Anytime Recipe to try a new recipe for dinner.

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