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Home Cooked Asian Cuisine

Delight Family & Friends With Home Cooked Asian Cuisine

When you want to enjoy a delicious and flavorful Asian meal, there is no need to browse the takeout menus and order from a local restaurant. In fact, you can easily whip up an impressive Asian meal that will surprise and delight your family and friends. Plan the perfect meal by trying out these tips for making home cooked Asian cuisine in your own kitchen.

Variety of Countries

When you think of making a home cooked Asian meal, your mind might automatically turn to Chinese food and common dishes like sesame chicken or beef and broccoli. It is true that Chinese food is a staple of Asian cuisine. However, China is not the only country from which you can draw culinary inspiration.

In fact, flavorful Asian cuisine can come from a host of different countries like:

  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Malaysian
  • Filipino
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Pakistani
  • Bangladesh

All these countries and others throughout Asia all have their own unique cuisine that can be just as easily prepared in your own home as it can at a local restaurant. When you look for home cooked Asian meal recipes, look to these countries and their popular national dishes as well.

Examples of Homemade Asian Cuisine

To the untrained eye, Asian cuisine can look exotic and rather challenging to make. However, many dishes are not complicated to recreate. You simply need the right ingredients on hand and confidence to follow the recipes.

Some examples of simple Asian cuisine recipes that you can make at home are:

  • Bibimbap, a Korean dish that translates to “mixed rice” and features vegetables, beef and a whole egg served over white rice.
  • Sherry Chicken Curry, a dish from Malaysia made with breaded chicken breasts, beef bouillon and sherry.
  • Biriyani, a national dish of Pakistan that is spicy chicken served over white rice.
  • Tokneneng, which is a popular street food in the Philippines. It is a hardboiled egg dipped in an orange flour batter and then deep fried and served with sweet and sour sauce.

Dishes like these have complex flavor profiles and are the epitome of Asian cuisine that you can make for your family and friends.

Freezer-friendly Asian Dishes

Asian cuisine is also versatile and capable of being prepared and put in the freezer to serve later. Some examples of freezer-friendly homemade Asian cuisine are:

  • Filling for Asian lettuce wraps
  • Egg rolls
  • Spicy eggplant
  • Teriyaki and pineapple chicken
  • Potsticker dumplings
  • Pork buns

Kima, a popular South Asian dish made with beef, peppers, and peas. You can top it with coconut when you serve it.

Try these freezer-friendly Asian dishes when you want to have meals on hand to serve during nights when you are too busy to cook from scratch.

Home cooked Asian cuisine features countless recipes not only from China but also from countries throughout Asia. They can be easy to prepare at home and will surprise your loved ones and friends with their flavors.

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