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Chicken Recipes

Baked Chicken Wings

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A true Buffalo wing is fried and then slathered in your sauce of choice, but this tends to be an unhealthy way of eating your wings. If you’re looking for something healthier for a weeknight dinner or as something to snack on while you’re watching the football game, these baked chicken wings suffice. They’re really […]

Chicken Parmesan

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There are few experiences more satisfying than a sharing a delicious chicken Parmesan dinner with your family or friends and sharing a bottle of Italian vino with great conversation and laughter. This is a warm and satisfying meal that packs plenty of protein in each bite. It’s much simpler to make than people think. You […]

Jiànkāng Ginger Chicken Soup

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If you’re craving a healthy and soul-satisfying soup to warm you all of the ways through on a wintry day, this is the perfect option. Jiànkāng Ginger Chicken Soup brings a traditionally healthy and heart-warming dish to a whole new level of flavor-packed satisfaction. This savory soup is slightly sour, a little bit sweet, and […]

Marinated Greek Chicken

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The flavors of this roasted chicken will stand out as part of any meal. It’s a very savory and rich flavor that can be paired with something simple like rice, couscous or salad. You have the option to work with fresh herbs if you’d like, but good quality dried herbs and spices work perfectly well […]

Grilled Chicken & Spinach Basil Pesto

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Pesto sauce originated in Genoa, Italy but in the last several decades has become a favorite world-wide. It was traditionally made by hand using a mortar and pestle but thanks to the food processors of today, a home cook can easily whip up a batch in no time. This particular pesto recipe is a little […]

Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo

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We know y’all love sitting down to a piping-hot bowl of gumbo. This version has chicken and andouille sausage — a spicy smoked pork sausage from southern Louisiana. If you cannot find it, any smoked sausage will work. The key to a good gumbo is the roux – a mixture of fat and flour. Whisk […]