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Anytime Recipe Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Anytime Recipe Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Your first meal of the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Breakfast or brunch should satisfy your appetite, offer ample flavor, and give you something to which to look forward when you awaken. To this meal one of the most enjoyable, consider the variety of dishes that you can make for it. The recipes for breakfast and brunch vary from those that are simple or low calorie to dishes that are savory, rich and more time consuming to prepare.

Fast and Simple Breakfast and Brunch Ideas

Breakfast or brunch during the weekday may need to be hurried and simple. Still, you want to enjoy a meal that will fill you up and get you through until lunch or dinner.

You do not have to make in-depth and complicated recipes to enjoy a good breakfast or brunch in the morning. In fact, your meal can be as simple and fast as making a fresh and flavorful loaf of zucchini bread or muffins. Even more, you can make these breads the night before and have them ready to go for a fast and simple meal on the go.

Maybe you want something savory and hotter. Your go-to breakfast or brunch dish could be a filling and colorful breakfast burrito. Simply scramble up some eggs, add flavorful ingredients like cheese, sausage or bacon and peppers or tomatoes. Wrap all of them up in a tortilla and enjoy a handheld brunch or breakfast meal.

Healthy and Low-Fat Breakfast and Brunch Ideas

Your first meal of the day is important. But that does not mean that it must be full of calories and fat. You can easily whip up some breakfast and brunch recipes that are low in both fat and calories but full of flavor and color.

Take, for example, fresh berries mixed with low fat Greek yogurt. Add your favorite seasonal berries in a cup of plain or vanilla Greek yogurt to get a dish that is filling but does not pack on the pounds.

Also try egg white omelets, which are fast and easy to whip up. Add ingredients like spinach, mushrooms or turkey bacon or sausage to keep out the calories while keeping all the flavor.

Sweet or Savory Breakfast or Brunch Ideas

When you have more time on the weekends or on your day off during the week, spend some time making some savory or sweet recipes for this meal. Try a spinach, mushroom, and bacon quiche, full of rich flavors and served up fresh and warm from the oven. Enjoy a dollop of sour cream or shredded cheese with it.

Also try grillades, which is a popular recipe from New Orleans. Made from inexpensive cuts of meat sauteed with celery, bell peppers and onions, it is guaranteed to satisfy your morning’s appetite and offer flavor with each mouthful.

Breakfast and brunch can determine your mood and health for the day. Make it one of the best that you will eat by exploring your choice of dishes for it.

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